Deborah Moldawski


I Am Many, poster, 2022
nominated for the Student Award of the Biennale Internationale de Design Graphique 2023 and exhibited at Le Signe - Centre National du Graphisme in Chaumont

My poster titled "I Am Many" answers the questioning theme "Who Are You" of the competition. Who am I? I think I am many, like all other people. An individual is not a constant and outwardly closed entity. Our identity is always a reaction to our counterpart and our environment, whereby our I is divided into various changing facets. In my poster, I visually represent the phenomenon of the multifaceted nature of the ego. In a fusion of typography and illustration, I depict a figure with 4 heads. Each head consists of a letter of the word "Many". In the combination of eyes and the shapes of the letters, different characters are created, which are supposed to represent several facets of an identity.

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