Deborah Moldawski


Dreamflight, collaboration with Sarah Satiane, linoleum print,
70x800 cm, 2023 (handprinted version), 2024 (Printing Press version)

exhibited at the Rundgang of the university of art in design in Offenbach am Main 2023, exhibited in the group exhibition Raum 008 at the Hafenplatz 1-3 Offenbach am Main 2024 

The linoleum print shows two figures, each flying from one end of the paper towards the centre of the paper. The figure on the left starts on earth and flies towards the universe. It is supposed to represent a sleeping person flying in his dream world into the universe. The right figure is a star flying from the universe towards the earth. The star figure is supposed to represent the dream self. In the course of their flight, both figures gradually resemble each other in shape until they finally meet in the middle. The meeting of the two figures is supposed to represent the moment when the dream self becomes aware of its dream state and a lucid dream becomes possible.

The gradual alignment of the two figures allowed us to harmoniously combine our two styles in the collaboration. We chose the unusually long format to represent the vast space of the universe and the dream world.

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